Why is CravingBan/RelaxAid the best home remedy for substance abuse withdrawal?
CravingBan has been formulated using the highest quality ingredients and best practices in dosage and drug interaction prevention. All of the ingredients used have been classified by the FDA as ingredients that are regarded as safe. If you have any serious medical conditions, or are pregnant or nursing, please consult your doctor before use.

Will this cure me?
CravingBan/RelaxAid is a Dietary supplement Aid to help reduce symptoms of withdrawal that are associated with Substance Abuse. It is NOT a cure. Lots of hard work, positive life changes, and finding a strong support system are still important to beating addiction.

How long does shipping take and what is the shipping price?
All orders to the USA are shipped within 24 hrs Mon-Saturday.  For $5.00 we will ship it First Class mail which takes 3-4 days.  If you would like the order faster we offer other USPS options including 2 Day for $20.00  

What countries do you ship to?
We currently ship Worldwide via USPS. (To find out shipping costs, add a product to your cart, then click "checkout" where you can view your local shipping rates.

Buyer will be responsible for customs duties,taxes & any other import charges for international orders.

What forms of payment can I use to place an order?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, Paypal and debit cards.

How often and how many should I take?
It's recommended to follow the daily dose of each product as indicated on the bottles.

How long can I take CravingBan/RelaxAid?
There is no limit of time that CravingBan/RelaxAid can be used in a healthy lifestyle. This product can be a necessary aid for Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (P.A.W.S.) which may last for a few months.

What should I eat with them?
CravingBan/RelaxAid is best absorbed with a nutritious meal before inducing.

How do I know that CravingBan/RelaxAid is made properly with safe ingredients?
Mitadone is manufactured by one of the largest vitamin and nutritional supplement companies in the US. Our manufacturing facilities are FDA certified “GMP” (Good Manufacturing Processes) which assures that every step they take during the manufacturing and packaging process is safe, sterile and of the highest quality. All ingredients are certified.

Who should take CravingBan/RelaxAid?
CravingBan/RelaxAid is meant for people who are detoxing off of substance abuse and would like to reduce the severity of their symptoms.

CravingBan/RelaxAid can help reduce the many discomforts associated with the acute and post-acute phase of opiate withdrawal. 

Can I take 

CravingBan/RelaxAid with my opiates before I quit?
Yes. If you are on a tapering schedule,CravingBan/RelaxAid should not interfere with any opiates or partial agonist opiates.CravingBan/RelaxAid is safe to take along with your opiates as you taper down. 

Are there any drugs that I should avoid taking with CravingBan/RelaxAid?
At this time there are no known interactions or precautions with any of the ingredients in CravingBan/RelaxAid.  There have been no allergic reactions or interactions through use of the product.  All of the ingredients are classified by the FDA as “generally regarded as safe”.  However, this does not mean that allergic reactions or drug interactions are not possible.  Allergic reactions and drug interactions can happen anytime you take a nutritional supplement (or ingest anything for that matter). If you have any concerns about a specific drug that you are taking please consult your doctor or your pharmacist.

What types of medication withdrawal are indicated for CravingBan/RelaxAid
In general terms any narcotic that is prescribed by a doctor for pain can produce withdrawal symptoms which can benefit from CravingBan/RelaxAid. Although we use the term “opiate” frequently,CravingBan/RelaxAid is actually designed to help ease the symptoms for virtually all prescription painkillers (opiates and opioids), muscle relaxants, partial agonists (Suboxone) and methadone. 

Are there any age limitations to taking CravingBan/RelaxAid
We would encourage all children under the age of 18 to speak to their parent or guardians before using CravingBan/RelaxAid. Even if your parents are aware of your struggle with addiction, they may want to know that you are buying a nutritional supplement. We highly encourage anyone that takes painkillers for recreational purposes — especially kids and young adults — to stop and seek help immediately. 

How do you know it works?
CravingBan/RelaxAid totally take away a persons withdrawal symptoms. It is meant to help relieve them. We set realistic expectations but also deliver an extremely high-quality product that works. Each of the ingredients on their own have been tested extensively against other pharmacological agents or placebos and have been proven to be as effective in treating certain symptoms or illnesses.


Do you have an affiliate program?

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